Saturday. What day?
Rainy day or sunny day
I don’t really care when it’s a
ParkRun Day

Checking out my systems
Knees ache, wheezing its
Absolutely freezing but its
ParkRun Day

Warm up? You’re joking! I can
Just about stagger, I’m a
Back-marking lagger but it’s
ParkRun Day

Thank the volunteers and
Applaud all the achievers
Watch for dogs and leaves and then its
GO, and we’re away

And I’m running – me!

Feel your rhythm, find your pace,
It’s a ParkRun, not a race
Left foot, right foot, not too fast
Never first but never last

Past the café, through the trees
Hit your stride and feel the breeze
Round the corner, on the mud
One lap down, you’re doing good

Second lap, it starts to burn
Thank the marshal, take the turn
Extend your stride and push on through it
You’re a runner, you can do it!

I’ve been lapped but now I’m lapping
Desperate to close that gap in
Front of me I
The pedal
The throttle and
A woman with a buggy
For fifty-third place!

Who says ParkRun’s not a race?!

Now I’ve recovered and I’m
Chilling with my buddies
Talking times and laughing as we
Stand in line

Thoughts turn to breakfast
Time to put the kettle on
So don’t forget your barcode and I’ll
See you next time.


Peter Draper

Peter Pan Parkrun

7th December 2016

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